• 1Teamwork
    A family-business-turned-into-successful venture in modern egg farming.
  • 2Performance
    Equipped with a fully-operated feed mill with a production capacity of 8000 tonnes/day.
  • 3Customer
    Meeting customer requirements and expectations.

Welcome to Hock Soon

Office Front

Hock Soon Poultry Farm a mid-sized layer operation in Malaysia has gradually upgraded its facility from an open house to a closed house farm. Management keeps up-to-date with genetic improvements and strives to incorporate tools to increase bird performance and egg production. These advancements, however, must go hand-in-hand with the human touch.

We achieve environment friendly solution

Waste Resource Management

Putting into practice sustainable farming dedicated to environmental sanitation, waste resource management and Good Animal Husbandry Practice. The Kohshin Engineering manure processing machine produces environment-friendly organic fertilizer. This helped reduce the space needed to dry the manure before selling it to vegetable farmers.