Understanding customers

Egg is a staple diet for most Malaysians.  It is so universally appealing in taste that whether it is boiled, poached, scrambled or fried, everyone relishes in an egg dish.  It also makes a prime ingredient in many confectionery concoctions.  At Hock Soon our pride and joy is the quality produce that we are able to deliver to meet both nutritious and taste demands of all consumers in the country.

Highest Quality
From breeding to feeding, we invest in innovative techniques and superior methods to ensure uncompromising quality care so that our flocks produce only eggs of the finest in texture and taste.

Affordable Pricing
Our innovative and efficient poultry farming methods and enables us to sufficiently produce volumes to meet market demands yet ensure optimum quality so that all consumers enjoy fresh, tasty and nutritious eggs at affordable pricing.

Hock Soon egg consumers have our best assurance when it comes to hygiene as our produce are mainly handled by machines.  Eggs that are packed for the market are delivered out of the farm throughout Malaysia within 24 hours.




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